True Flow Products
Sand Flow

Locates sand entry into the wellbore and provides a qualitative sand count

Sand production is a serious issue. It affects productivity and the integrity of well completions and surface assets. Locating the source and quantity of sand production downhole is the critical first step to managing sand effectively.


Sand Flow does exactly that. It precisely locates sand entry to the wellbore and provides a qualitative sand count, clearly identifying problem zones, even in turbulent flow conditions.


Delivered by our True Flow system using the Chorus (acoustic) platform; Sand Flow provides the clarity and insight needed to manage sand production more effectively.


Sand Flow is commonly used to diagnose a known sand production issue, but it can also be used proactively to ensure downhole sand control measures are working optimally.


Know precisely where the sand is coming in, and how much



  • Locate sand entry in the wellbore
  • Unexpected increase in sand production
  • Unconsolidated formation that requires regular intervention
  • Sand screen failure
  • Surface equipment failure


  • Understand the true sources of sand production
  • Understand sand production dynamics
  • Better well and reservoir management decisions, precisely targeted
  • Improve well system performance and extend productive life of asset
  • Maintain asset integrity