True Integrity Tube Products
Chrome Tube Integrity

Evaluate tube integrity of chrome alloy completions

Corrosion resistant materials like chrome help protect well completions from highly-corrosive fluids. But high chrome content can cause serious problems for ordinary electromagnetic pipe inspection systems.


Chrome Tube Integrity provides an accurate barrier-by-barrier assessment of tubulars containing chrome or corrosion resistant alloys (CRAs).


Powered by our True Integrity system using the Pulse (electromagnetic) platform; Chrome Tube Integrity delivers accurate wall thickness data where other products fall short.


Chrome Tube Integrity, if used routinely, can support your ongoing integrity management programme, or in a targeted fashion to investigate a specific integrity breach.


Its ability to work with CRAs means that the answers are just as reliable as with conventional steel tubulars.



  • Manage tube integrity of chrome or corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) completions
  • Time-lapse barrier condition monitoring
  • Identifying internal and external defects
  • Assessing tube condition in the presence of scale
  • Pre-workover, pre-handover, or pre-abandonment assessment


  • Track and validate tube condition over time to mitigate risk and spot tube weakness before it fails
  • Through-tubing deployment minimises disruption and cost
  • Understand true wall thickness and condition without scratching inner surface
  • Identify internal vs. external defects in primary tubes (when used with caliper)


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