Multisense functionality completes the diagnostic picture in real-time

Delivering the right information at the right time is fundamental to successful diagnostics. Measurements must be accurate and appropriate for the task, particularly when you want to see more.


Many companies use mass produced, off-the-shelf tools to make and convey well measurements. But not all follow our exacting design standards.


That’s why we make our own.


Indigo is a seamless ‘silent’ platform of wellbore sensors, memory, communication and power modules that have been engineered to synchronise perfectly with TGT’s Chorus, Cascade and Pulse technology. The result is enhanced measurement accuracy and a more complete picture.


Also, Indigo enables memory mode and real-time operation. This capability provides extra flexibility and boosts the efficiency of through-barrier interventions.


Our approach

We recognise that delivering accurate diagnostics requires not only the highest fidelity measurements, but also a system-based approach. It is important to have the best sensors and measurements, but it also important to use them in the right way and then to filter, process and model the data into tangible answers.


We pursue a diagnostic system approach where multiple platforms come together, bringing their own unique diagnostic capability to be used in the framework of the proven workflow.


Indigo is our multi-sense platform, which provides complimentary measurements required to deliver diagnostics for True Flow and True Integrity products. True Flow System focuses on locating and quantifying flow and the True Integrity System is used to evaluate the condition of tubulars and validate sealing performance.


  • 10 years of engineering ingenuity and direct field experience in applying wellbore measurements to thousands of well systems globally.
  • Patented measurement capability.
  • Experts in high-performance, low-noise electronic circuit design.
  • Designed and built entirely in-house at our Technology Centre.
  • Tested and proven in thousands of well systems for more than 70 international operators.


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