Where heat measurements become flow insights

Harnessing thermal energy to quantify flow, from the reservoir to the wellbore.


Fluids moving through the reservoir to the well system have thermal mass and can heat or cool the areas they touch. These temperature changes carry valuable information about fluid behaviour, particularly flow rates and profiles.


The physical laws of thermo-hydrodynamics are incredibly complex, and the interactions between them even more so. The 3D world of metal, concrete and earth that we call the 'well system' adds more complexity. Extracting accurate flow data from this environment can seem like an impossible task.


But not for Cascade.


TGT founded its business on transforming temperature changes into flow information, and since then we have taken this capability further than anyone.


Today, Cascade delivers that capability through our True Flow products to reveal flow like never before.


Our approach

We recognise that delivering accurate diagnostics requires not only the highest fidelity measurements, but also a system-based approach. It is important to have the best sensors and measurements, but it also important to use them in the right way and then to filter, process and model the data into tangible answers.


We pursue a diagnostic system approach where multiple platforms come together, bringing their own unique diagnostic capability to be used in the framework of the proven workflow.


Cascade is our thermal platform and, when in the hands of our engineers and analysts, can qualify and quantify any kind of flow event, critically reservoir flow, and reveal the relationship between the two.


  • Cascade diagnostic platform has been designed and engineered entirely in-house.
  • More than 10 years of pioneering scientific research, ingenuity and direct field experience in applying thermal flow diagnostics to thousands of well systems globally.
  • Advancing industry knowledge in temperature, hydrodynamics and 3D numerical modeling.
  • Two confirmed patents (and patent pending) for specific data acquisition techniques required for reservoir flow quantification in producers and injectors.
  • Tested and proven in several thousand well systems, servicing more than 70 international operators.
  • More than 70 recognised industry publications.


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