True Flow

Know where your flow is going with True Flow


True Flow diagnostics reveal elusive flowpaths around the entire well system, so you can get an accurate picture of where your flow is, or isn’t, going.


Understanding how fluids flow between permeable formation layers and the well completion is key to managing performance. This includes flow behind casing in unperforated zones, and between producing or injection layers.


True Flow gives you a complete picture of flow dynamics, so you get the insights you need to make informed decisions, keeping your well safe, clean, and productive.

The system approach

Much of what affects performance happens outside the wellbore, beyond the reach of conventional tools. That’s why we use diagnostic systems, not just tools.


They see more, completely and accurately, from the wellbore to the outer reaches of the well, into the reservoir. The picture they reveal enables you to better understand what is happening and manage your well more effectively.


Our True Flow diagnostic system follows a logical workflow and is powered by four remarkable technology platforms—Chorus, Cascade, Indigo and Maxim. Each platform is charged with a specific task, but works together to reveal a more complete picture of flow within your well system.


Each ingredient is the result of our ingenuity and relentless drive to reveal a greater truth.


The product approach

The final link in the True Flow diagnostic system is our tailored portfolio of proprietary products.


The products are designed to address the full spectrum of well system flow challenges, True Flow products provide the in-depth answers you need to keep your well performing productively and profitably.

True Flow Products

Know where your flow is going with these True Flow products:



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