True Integrity Seal Products
Primary Seal Integrity

Validate sealing performance of primary barriers

Primary barriers are the first line of defence in protecting well system integrity. Failures here need to be diagnosed quickly to avoid unsafe operations, lost production and the risk of escalation.


Primary Seal Integrity locates leaks and evaluates the seal performance of all primary barriers quickly and accurately, throughout the well system.


Delivered by our True Integrity system using the Chorus (acoustic) platform; Primary Seal Integrity provides a clear diagnosis of leaks and unwanted flowpaths so the right corrective action can be taken, and barriers can be validated to confirm integrity.


Primary Seal Integrity is used in a targeted fashion to pinpoint a suspected integrity breach in the tubing or other primary barrier components. Following proper diagnosis, breaches can be fixed more reliably and efficiently.



  • Evaluate seal integrity and sealing performance of primary barriers
  • Sustained pressure in A-annulus (SAP)
  • Abnormal production or injection performance
  • Primary barrier leaks
  • Micro-leaks in primary barriers
  • Leaks in completion components such as gas-lift valves and mandrels
  • Tubing pressure test failure


  • Comprehensive diagnosis of leaks in primary barriers throughout the well system
  • Identify true source of SAP in A-annulus
  • Locate micro-leaks
  • Mitigate integrity risk and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Rapid deployment through tubing minimises disruption and cost
  • Locate leaks rapidly, accurately and completely
  • Better remediation decisions, precisely targeted
  • Optimise or validate pre- or post-workover or P&A programmes


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