Our commitment

Backed by proven academic theories, R&D investment and years of experience, our quest to reveal a greater truth about the well system is the cornerstone of our commitment to the TGT diagnostic system approach.


Our in-house expertise sets us apart. Our innovation process incorporates: programme design and data acquisition methodology, tool and sensor manufacturing, software development to process and model the raw data, and data interpretation by a dedicated team of well log analysts. We are unique in what we offer our clients.


Technology centre

TGT Technology Centre is home to our research and development (R&D) and Manufacturing teams.


The centre is a full-cycle enterprise, representing technology development at all stages of its development – from an idea to a commercial production and subsequent maintenance. An unusual attribute for a through barrier diagnostics service company.


Our Technology Centre plays home to: advanced research labs, software development hub, supercomputer with parallel design, tools and sensors manufacturing, and quality control and testing facilities.


Housed also in our Technology Centre are advanced testing facilities which put our technology through its paces prior to commercialisation or distribution. These include:  pressure, temperature and vibration testing units, fluid dynamics models in both simulated reservoir and well conditions, calibration stands, anechoic chamber, test well among others.


Our inhouse knowledge and capabilities give us the advantage; and perfectly position us to lead the through-barrier diagnostics category and reveal a greater truth for customers.

Research and development

R&D is at the heart of everything we do, and each year we plough 15% of annual revenues back into funding pioneering innovation.


Our research aims to bring together the best thinking and ideas - not only from within TGT, but we also work closely with universities and our customers to deliver diagnostics which meet the needs of the industry.


Manned by a talented cadre of engineers, petrophysicists and geoscientists, we are continuously improving our diagnostic capabilities to assert our position as the global leader in through-barrier diagnostics.


Our proprietary systems and products are developed entirely in-house from market analysis, concept and feasibility studies to design, mock-ups, experimental prototypes and inception of digital processing and modelling software.


Development and testing of new technology continues until it fits the product description. We follow a rigorous testing protocol. Only once prototype technology is proven to deliver, will we launch a pilot project. The optimised TGT platform or product you are using today is the result of years of development.



TGT remains dedicated to manufacturing our own products and technologies entirely inhouse. We not only pursue automated assembly, but also strive to cultivate technicians with outstanding skills. By establishing high standards of safety and quality assurance, we strengthen our efforts to ensure trust in the TGT brand.


TGT has continued to advance our in-house production of key devices, components and electronic boards as well as carrying out in-house equipment maintenance.


We are dedicated to producing top quality products, each of which promises reliability and safe operations when deployed in the well system. Our certified testing facilities enable us to conduct in-house tests to ensure compliance with international standards and regulations. We conduct stringent quality tests to ensure the highest quality output.

Software development

Our bespoke digital platform, Maxim, brings together each stage in the True Flow and True Integrity diagnostic system into a central software platform. Maxim is used by the Geoscience department to provide customers with accurate diagnostics they seek.


More than 20-years of knowledge and expertise in performing through-barrier diagnostics has contributed to Maxim’s capabilities diagnostic capabilities. Developed and engineering entirely in-house, Maxim is proprietary to TGT.


We don’t need to wait for the latest software release to benefit from processing and modeling improvements, instead an ongoing dialogue between Geoscience, R&D and the in-house software developers means our diagnostic products always benefit from the latest technology.


Strategic partnerships

TGT’s 20-year commitment to innovation in the field of through-barrier well system diagnostics has made us a sought-after partner of industry giants, academics and other sector relevant entities, with whom we are developing new technologies and solutions for the future.


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