Pioneering electromagnetics delivering highly accurate tube integrity diagnostics

The miles of metal tubes that form the backbone of your well system are fundamental to its integrity. Tracking the condition and wall thickness of all tubes is essential to maintain a secure well.


The ‘electromagnetic signature’ of each tube contains information about the wall thickness, but extracting this accurately pushes the boundaries of electromagnetics, 3D modeling, and wellbore measurements to the furthest limits.


That’s exactly what we’ve managed to achieve with Pulse.


Pulse powers our True Integrity Tube products to accurately assess up to four concentric tubes from inside the wellbore. And unlike conventional systems, it works in all completion types, including dual string and corrosion resistant alloys.


Our approach

We recognise that delivering accurate diagnostics requires not only the highest fidelity measurements, but also a system-based approach. It is important to have the best sensors and measurements, but it also important to use them in the right way and then to filter, process and model the data into tangible answers.


We pursue a diagnostic system approach where multiple platforms come together, bringing their own unique diagnostic capability to be used in the framework of the proven workflow.


Pulse is our electromagnetic platform, providing accurate barrier-by-barrier assessment of up to four concentric tubulars from a single through-tubing deployment.


Pulse platform is part of our True Integrity System and is used to evaluate the metal condition of tubulars throughout the well system. Pulse supports the diagnostic answers for the True Integrity Tube products


  • 10 years of pioneering scientific research, ingenuity and direct field experience in applying electromagnetic diagnostics to thousands of well systems globally.
  • Five international patents for electromagnetic technology and methods.
  • Extensive ‘multi-barrier’ research, testing and calibration facilities enable continuous advancement of electromagnetic diagnostics.
  • Experts in high-performance, fast switching electronic circuit design and 3D numerical modeling.
  • Designed and built entirely in-house at our Technology Centre.

Pulse family

Our Tube Integrity products rely on the Pulse, Indigo and Maxim platforms to deliver an accurate assessment of tube condition. Depending on the product and its application, we utlise a specific combination of Pulse sensors to achieve the desired diagnostic objective. Each sensor is designed to energise certain tubulars or ‘barriers’ and is arranged in the Pulse tool string used to survey the well.



We deploy a range of Pulse variants according to the number of barriers to be surveyed. Pulse1 is optimised to deliver ‘true wall thickness’ measurements of production tubing in eight sectors, with complete all-around sensing of tube wall condition. And for simultaneous assessment of multiple barriers, Pulse2, Pulse3 and Pulse4 are utilised for two, three and up to four barriers respectively. The multi barrier variants can be combined with Pulse1 for a more detailed assessment of the well completion.

Metal Loss Calculator


V (speed)
* 6 - 30 ft/min allowed

Barrier OD Sensor Min Hole Size, in Min Pit Size (50% pipe thickness), in Thickness Accuracy, %
I - - -
II - - -
III - - -
IV - - -
* The logging speeds of 18 ft/min and 30 ft/min are suggested to show the variety and impact of logging speed on sampling the minimum defects and their size and is not recommended for EmPulse® logging.

Barrier Shots per foot (SPF) Hole Size, in


Metal loss:






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