The industry’s most advanced acoustic sensing and analysis platform

Bringing a new level of clarity, precision, and certainty to well system acoustics

A flowing well is full of sound encoded with information about the flow that created it. This, and the fact that sound energy penetrates through well and reservoir materials, is why acoustics has become a powerful diagnostic technique for locating and characterising flow. However, the fidelity and resolution of the sound recording, and the effectiveness of processing and analysis technologies all have a direct bearing on the accuracy and certainty of the diagnosis and resulting decisions.


The well reservoir system is a challenging environment for capturing and analysing the high-fidelity sound required for precise diagnostics. There is a combination of materials and fluids with different acoustic properties, multiple boundaries and mechanical noise that act together to create a complex spectrum of acoustic energy. Decoding the sound and extracting useful flow information from this cacophony requires a special combination of technology, expertise, and experience.



TGT has been advancing the use of acoustics to locate and characterise flow in the well system for two decades. The Chorus brand is already recognised for its sensitivity and dynamic range when capturing high-fidelity flow sounds. Our new generation ChorusX platform takes this acoustic capability to a whole new level to deliver exceptional precision, clarity and certainty.

ChorusX ingredients

ChorusX is the sum of many parts that work in concert to deliver a range of important benefits to analysts and customers. Each ingredient is special in its own way, but the big wins occur when they are multiplied together.




ChorusX has been designed to overcome the limitations of conventional acoustic technology and to provide the three essential capabilities of an effective flow-finding resource.



Ultrahigh sensitivity and extreme dynamic range give ChorusX the spatial and audible reach to record the furthest and quietest flows.



Four new high-definition acoustic maps enable analysts to recognise and distinguish different types of flow easily and confidently.



Eight high-definition array sensors and a unique phase analysis engine work join forces to pinpoint flow sources everywhere in the well system in depth, and radial distance.

Diagnostics products and applications

Well systems perform by connecting the right fluids to the right places, and mapping flow dynamics downhole is essential to keeping wells safe, clean and productive. ChorusX provides asset teams with the flow insights they need to manage well and reservoir performance more effectively.


As an integral part of TGT’s ‘True Flow’ and ‘True Integrity’ diagnostic systems, ChorusX capability is available through a range of application-specific answer products. Through these answer products, ChorusX delivers clear, complementary answers that enable analysts and customers to reach an accurate diagnosis more efficiently. A robust and accurate picture of the well system enables better decisions and positive outcomes. This means that, when remediation plans are being implemented, there is a greater prospect of first-time success.


True Flow products help asset teams to understand flow dynamics between the reservoir formations and the well completion. Notably, these answer products reveal flow where it matters most—at the reservoir. Some of the distinct True Flow applications and benefits brought by ChorusX include fracture assessment, delineating active formations, and distinguishing between reservoir flow and completion flow.


True Integrity / Seal Integrity products help asset teams to validate the performance of seals and barriers throughout the well system, including packers, cemented annuli, tubulars, and valves. Typical applications for ChorusX include revealing low-rate leaks, tracing the source of B and C annulus pressure, and resolving leaks in close proximity to each other.


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