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Horizontal Flow

Flow diagnostics perfected for horizontal wells

TGT’s Horizontal Flow product powered by Cascade3 technology overcomes the drawbacks of conventional production surveys, delivering a continuous flow profile in a wide variety of completion and reservoir scenarios, including fractured formations. 


Hydrocarbon reservoirs are generally more horizontal in shape than vertical, so it makes sense that horizontal wells drilled through them provide more contact and productivity than vertical wells. However, the economic and efficiency gains of horizontal wells is matched by the complexity of managing them and the reservoirs they drain. This hefty task rests with the asset teams that must recover the maximum quantity of hydrocarbons in the safest, cleanest, and most economical way possible.


TGT’s new Horizontal Flow diagnostics product has been created to provide asset teams with the flow insights they need to manage horizontal well and reservoir performance more effectively.


Underpinning Horizontal Flow diagnostics is the all-new Cascade3 flow analysis platform. Cascade3 is purpose-built for horizontal wells and incorporates the industry’s most advanced thermodynamic and hydrodynamic modelling codes to transform temperature, pressure, and other well system data into continuous reservoir flow profiles. Crucially, the flow profiles reflect flow activity in and out of the reservoir, delivering the truest picture possible of inflow and outflow downhole, even in the most challenging wells.


Understanding flow dynamics in the well system is the key to unlocking better well and reservoir performance, and this is especially true for horizontal wells. Flow inside the wellbore of a horizontal well can be challenging to decipher, but flow outside is even more complex, and way beyond the reach of conventional production surveys.


Horizontal Flow powered by Cascade3 can decode the complex scenarios that are typical in horizontal wells, revealing flow where it matters most—at the reservoir. This enables asset teams to solve daily challenges with confidence and certainty.

  • Accessing reliable flow profiles
  • Locating water/gas breakthrough
  • Maintaining an accurate reservoir model
  • Measuring effective pay length
  • Making accurate reserves assessments
  • Revealing crossflow
  • Assessing ICDs and packers
  • Assessing fractures
  • Making accurate production forecasts
  • Optimising completion designs


Horizontal Flow with Cascade3 is the most powerful flow diagnostic resource ever created for horizontal well systems. The range of benefits provided is perfectly aligned with the needs of Reservoir Engineers in managing reservoir performance, and Production Engineers in managing well performance. The accurate and continuous flow profiles from Horizontal Flow are fundamental to driving both.

  • Increase ultimate recovery
  • Reduce opex and unit cost per barrel
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Optimise life-of-asset production
  • Extend economic life of asset
  • Maintain or increase production capacity
  • Minimise water or unwanted gas production
  • Improve dynamic reservoir model
  • Improve sweep efficiency
  • Optimise fracture programs

Full benefits table can be found here.


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