True Flow Products
Fracture Flow

Locate flow before and after hydraulic fracturing

Effective hydraulic fracturing requires careful planning and a huge fleet of pumps, equipment and people. Knowing how these costly resources can deliver maximum impact is literally the million-dollar question.


Fracture Flow provides the insights needed to answer that question, without the million-dollar price tag. When utilised pre- or post-fracturing, Fracture Flow evaluates actual reservoir flow profiles, so fracturing can be targeted, assessed and optimised to deliver maximum efficiency.


Delivered by our True Flow system using the Chorus (acoustic) platform and the Cascade (thermal) platform, Fracture Flow provides the clarity and insight needed to manage fracturing resources more effectively.


Fracture Flow is becoming a standard part of hydraulic fracturing programmes as operators realise the benefits of True Flow diagnostics.



  • Evaluate flow profiles in hydraulically fractured well systems
  • Pre- and post-hydraulic fracturing assessment
  • Optimising fracturing programme
  • Unexpected post-fracturing performance
  • Unexpected water or gas breakthrough
  • Fracture flow assessment and characterisation
  • Identifying fracture initiation points


  • Understand the true source of production and quantify flow profiles accurately
  • Qualify flow to or from the fracture network to optimise production
  • Optimise fracturing programme for improved effectiveness
  • Identify unwanted fracture components that impact production
  • Understand fracture density
  • Better well and reservoir management decisions, precisely targeted
  • Improve well system performance


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