Acoustic sensing and analysis platform, revealing flow throughout the well system

Fluid flow in the well system creates a rich spectrum of acoustic energy that penetrates the surroundings. This acoustic wave is encoded with information about the type of flow, and its location.


But well systems aren’t ‘recording studios’. Sound frequency and intensity vary from barely imperceptible to deafeningly loud. Noisy interference can drown out important signals. And even if the acoustic wave form is captured faithfully, the link between flow and acoustics is so complex that translating it into reliable flow information is often beyond the reach of ordinary systems.


Chorus is not a tool nor is it any ordinary platform. It delivers incredible resolution and fidelity across the widest spectrum of useful acoustic energy.


Chorus is part of our True Flow System and is used to locate and characterise flow for our True Flow products. Chorus is also part of our True Integrity System and is used to validate sealing performance (confirming there are no leaks) in well system barriers in our True Integrity Seal products.


Our approach

We recognise that delivering accurate diagnostics requires not only the highest fidelity measurements, but also a system-based approach. It is important to have the best sensors and measurements, but it also important to use them in the right way then filter, process and model the data into tangible answers. Therefore, we pursue a diagnostic system approach where multiple platforms come together, bringing their own unique diagnostic capability to be used in the framework of the proven workflow.


Chorus is our acoustic platform and when in the hands of our engineers and analysts, can precisely locate any kind of flow event within the entire well system.


Chorus platform follows a logical workflow where each part of the framework works to reveal a more complete picture of your flow within your well system.


  • 10 years of pioneering scientific research, ingenuity and direct field experience in applying spectral diagnostics to thousands of well systems globally.
  • Four international patents for spectral acoustics and more than 60 recognised industry publications.
  • Extensive acoustic research, testing and calibration facilities, anechoic chamber, flow loops, core analysis and test wells, enable continuous advancement of acoustic diagnostics.
  • Experts in high-performance, low-noise electronic circuit design.
  • Designed and built entirely in-house at our Technology Centre.
  • Tested and proven in thousands of well systems for more than 70 international operators.


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