True Integrity

Ensure your well system is performing with True Integrity


True Integrity depends on the condition and sealing performance of well system barriers working together to support safe flow – and one can’t work without the other. True Integrity diagnostics critically evaluate both aspects to expose the complete picture.


Well system behaviour is contingent on integrity dynamics. Understanding the collective integrity of the tubes, seals, and barriers that make a well function is crucial to guarantee secure passage for pressurised fluids.


True Integrity takes a proactive approach to mitigating future performance issues with a health check that ensures you are able to anticipate and act without delay.

The system approach

True Integrity diagnostics require more than a tool. Our through-barrier diagnostic system assesses the reality of your well system’s current condition and sealing performance with a unique design based on accuracy, fidelity and totality to produce actionable data.


Our True Integrity diagnostic system follows a proven workflow and is powered by four remarkable technology platforms – Chorus, Pulse, Indigo and Maxim. Tasked independently, they come together within the Maxim digital workspace to reveal a complete picture of tube and seal integrity throughout the well system.


Each ingredient is the result of our ingenuity and relentless drive to reveal a greater truth.


The product approach

The final link in the True Integrity diagnostic system chain is our tailored portfolio of proprietary products.


The products are designed to address a duo of integrity challenges. Tube Integrity products evaluate the condition of well completion tubulars while Seal Integrity products evaluate barrier sealing performance. Both are critical to keep your well safe and productive.

True Integrity Seal Products

Ensure your well is performing with these True Integrity Seal products:


True Integrity Tube Products

Ensure your well is performing with these True Integrity Tube products:



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