True Flow Products
Stimulate Flow

Locate and quantify flow before and after stimulation

Acidising a well is a complex procedure that requires meticulous planning and precisely targeted resources. Operators need the right information to ensure acid stimulation delivers maximum impact with minimal risk.


Stimulate Flow provides that information. Used pre- and post-stimulation, Stimulate Flow evaluates reservoir flow performance before and after acidising, so that stimulation programs can be optimised and then assessed to evaluate impact.


Delivered by our True Flow system using the Chorus (acoustic) platform and the Cascade (thermal) platform; Stimulate Flow provides the clarity and insight needed to manage stimulation resources more effectively.


Stimulate Flow is becoming a standard part of acid stimulation programmes as operators realise the benefits of True Flow diagnostics.



  • Evaluate flow profiles in stimulated well systems
  • Pre- and Post-stimulation assessment
  • Optimising stimulation programme
  • Unexpected post-stimulation performance
  • PLT not matching expectations


  • Understand the true source of production and quantify flow profiles accurately
  • Optimise stimulation programme for improved effectiveness
  • Ensure zonal isolation prior to stimulation
  • Evaluate effectiveness of stimulation
  • Better well and reservoir management decisions, precisely targeted
  • Improve well system performance and extend productive life of asset


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