True Integrity Tube Products
Multi Tube Integrity

Evaluate tube integrity of multiple tubulars

The miles of metal tubulars that form the backbone of your well system are fundamental to its integrity. Tracking the condition and wall thickness of all tubulars is essential to maintaining a secure well.


Multi Tube Integrity provides an accurate barrier-by-barrier assessment of up to four concentric tubulars from a single through-tubing deployment.


Powered by our True Integrity system using the Pulse (electromagnetic) platform; Multi Tube Integrity is the industry’s most accurate multi barrier diagnostic product.


Multi Tube Integrity, if used routinely, can support your ongoing integrity management programme, or in a targeted fashion to investigate a specific integrity breach.


Our ability to assess up to four concentric tubulars simultaneously means that most of the well can be evaluated in a single deployment, without pulling the tubing.



  • Evaluate and manage tube integrity of multiple tubulars, even with scale
  • Assessing maximum allowable annular surface pressure (MAASP)
  • Identifying internal and external defects
  • Pre-workover, pre-handover, or pre-abandonment assessment of completion


  • Proactive integrity management mitigates risk and maintains safe and productive operations
  • Track and validate tube condition over time and spot tube weakness before it fails
  • Through-tubing deployment in a single run minimises disruption and cost
  • Understand true wall thickness
  • Identify internal vs. external defects in primary tubes (when used with caliper)


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