If we could have bought the software off-the-shelf, we would have

The seamless digital workspace where our analysts transform data into critical insights.

Using a common, cohesive platform for data integration, processing and analysis is the industry standard, and there are several powerful solutions available in the market. But none have been custom-built to look at wells the way we do, or work with through-barrier technology the way we can.

Until now.

Maxim is the backbone of our diagnostic systems and provides a seamless workflow from planning to processing, to products. Our analysts use Maxim to develop and optimise diagnostic programmes and refine techniques. Then they use Maxim to process data and model results which they visualise and analyse to develop the critical insights that form the basis of our products.


20-years of building knowledge and expertise in performing through-barrier diagnostics in thousands of well systems globally.

TGT are category leaders with more than 200 scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and analysts specialising in through-barrier diagnostics.

A global team of more than 40 analysts and domain champions share real-world learning for continuous technology advancement.

Designed and coded entirely in-house at our technology centre.

Programmes & Methods

Provides planning tools to customise diagnostic programmes, ensuring efficient operations and effective diagnostics.

Tools & Measurements

Super-computer technology and cloud computing ease the diagnostic workflow enabling efficient product turnaround.

Processing & Modeling

A single seamless platform for all processing and modeling Apps for True Flow and True Integrity systems.


Analysis & Interpretation

Versatile display, analysis and interpretation tools enable critical insight and answer product generation.

Single immersive platform enables efficient workflow execution from planning to product generation.

Secure centralised data archiving.