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Events | 23 Jul 2020
#TechTalk series 1

Watch again!

Did you miss out?

In our first series of #TechTalks, we revealed a range of powerful well system diagnostics that would help you to maintain safe, clean and productive well operations.


They were 40-minute sessions, with Q&A sessions interspersed.  The sessions were free to attend.


If you missed the sessions, they are available to watch again by clicking the links below. The series was a resounding success, so have planned a second series covering different topics. To find out more click here.

#TechTalk No.1 – Well decommissioning

Improving P&A economics and performance, featuring True Integrity


The industry is expected to spend more than $40-billion on oil & gas decommissioning projects between now and 2024 according to a study by Rystad Energy. It is expected that if low oil prices don’t bounce back soon, aging wells that are no longer commercially viable could be decommissioned.


Operators are bound by strict regulations, to ensure the integrity of the well prior to abandonment. In this #techtalk we discussed a new approach to P&A. An approach that uses powerful diagnostics to significantly improve the economics and performance of P&A projects.


#TechTalk No.1 - Well decommissioning

#TechTalk No.2 – Seal integrity

Ensuring your well is safe, clean and productive, featuring Multi Seal Integrity


Well integrity and productivity depend on the performance of many barriers and seals, and a single breach can undermine the entire system. Some breaches can be easy to spot but others are more challenging. In the current economic climate, targeted remediation is essential to reduce intervention time and costs; this is only possible with accurate and comprehensive diagnostics.


In this #techtalk, we delved into four challenging scenarios: unwanted flowpaths, unknown cause of Sustained Annulus Pressure, micro-leaks and a gas storage reservoir flowing into other formations. We revealed how our through-barrier diagnostics can be applied to validate seal performance for better remediation decisions.


#TechTalk No.2 - Seal Integrity

#TechTalk No.3 – Sand production

New diagnostics for sand management, featuring Sand Flow


Sand production is a serious issue that can impact productivity and asset integrity. For many years, the industry has searched for a reliable technique to locate and quantify sand entry to the wellbore, but with mixed results. Until now.


In this #techtalk we uncover a new robust diagnostic product that precisely locates and quantifies the dynamics of sand production downhole.


#TechTalk No.3 - Sand production