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Press release | 25 Apr 2024
TGT Diagnostics and FOSINA announce collaboration to provide unique hybrid fibre-optic sensing and data analysis solutions

Dubai, U.A.E – 25th April 2024


Dubai, 25 April 2024, TGT Diagnostics and FOSINA announced today a collaboration to provide advanced multimode, multiplatform fibre-optic sensing and analysis solutions for oil and gas operators.


Both companies are category leaders in their respective fields and the joint solution will provide oilfield customers with a wider array of previously unavailable diagnostic insights, aiding better informed decision making in managing wells and hydrocarbon reservoirs.


The new hybrid solution uniquely incorporates a multiplatform and multimode approach, pairing FOSINA’s advanced DxS platform with TGT’s ChorusX array acoustics and Cascade modelling systems. DxS technology combines four distributed fibre-optic modes in one modular system; ChorusX delivers high-resolution multipoint acoustic measurements; and Cascade assimilates all acquired data to deliver exceptional diagnostic performance.


“FOSINA are world experts in distributed fibre-optic sensors with an enviable track record in asset monitoring across many industrial sectors,” said Saad Bargach, TGT’s CEO. “Diagnostics that integrate multiple measuring modes are better equipped to reveal and resolve well system behaviour than single mode techniques. The result is exceptional accuracy, clarity and certainty in diagnosis and decision making, which ultimately leads to better asset performance for our customers. Combining FOSINA’s distributed fibre-optic technology with TGT’s expertise in data modelling and analysis creates a powerful diagnostic resource for oilfield operators.”


“Our collaboration with TGT will allow FOSINA to access a wide range of new opportunities thanks to TGT’s well established network of service locations around the world,” added Alexis Constantinou, CEO of FOSINA. “The combination of TGT’s advanced diagnostic systems, interpretation software and skilled analysts together with FOSINA’s cutting edge distributed fibre-optic sensors will bring an unprecedented ability to acquire and interpret invaluable data, enabling operators to act promptly and accurately thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) assisted real-time workflows. This collaboration paves the way for customised and disruptive innovations in the Energy sector, where rapid and informed decision-making is crucial.”

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TGT Diagnostics creates powerful diagnostics that are essential to the delivery of hydrocarbons and energy. Oil and gas producers globally rely on TGT’s technology and products to help them decarbonise their operations and keep wells safe, clean, and productive. The company is headquartered in Dubai, UAE and has offices and operations in multiple locations including Africa, North & South America, Asia, Europe, UK, and the Middle East.


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FOSINA is a leader in the field of distributed fibre-optic sensing, based in France and with a technical team having multiple decades of experience in the development and application of its core technology, dating back to 1982 with the first patent on distributed sensing by our CTO, Dr Arthur Hartog. FOSINA’s DxS technology is unique in providing distributed strain, temperature, and acoustic sensing in a single compact acquisition unit, combined with leading proprietary machine learning (ML) algorithms, to serve various applications from the deep Oceans to Space through Railways, Seismology, CCUS, Power transmission, Road, Perimeter Security, Sports, Telecoms and Urban Monitoring.


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