Decarbonise with diagnostics

Global warming, climate change, with diagnostics

Today, global warming is an existential crisis facing our planet and all of its inhabitants. Climate science tells us that if global average temperatures rise more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, the impact could become catastrophic and irreversible.


In the oil and gas industry, we are all aware of the very real impact the climate crisis is having on society and the planet. Whilst we provide energy for the world to prosper, the way most of this energy is produced as well as consumed, is ultimately leading to climate change.


Whilst we continue to develop clean energy solutions, the reality is that ~56% of the global energy mix continues to come from hydrocarbons, and it will take years, if not decades, before the balance shifts to cleaner sources.

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Greenhouse gas emissions in GtCO2e

Every barrel of oil or gas equivalent has a carbon overhead because of the energy consumed to produce it, the flaring of gas, and the leakage or venting of methane from well infrastructure. In 2019, upstream activities released ~2.9 GtCO2e, or ~6% of the total annual greenhouse gases produced by human activity.


As suppliers of energy to society, our industry has a vital role to play in taking action today to achieve a low-carbon future.


TGT is at the forefront of this with our diagnostics-led sustainability framework. With this, our role is to help oil and gas producers deliver energy through the transition, but with significantly lower environmental impact.

How can TGT help you reduce your carbon footprint?

TGT is a different kind of company. Our unique technology and fresher thinking take us beyond the traditional restrictions of the wellbore, seeing more, seeing further. We create powerful diagnostics that help you to keep wells safe, clean and productive.


Our diagnostics help operators and regulators achieve their NetZero targets by revealing inefficiencies in energy-intensive operations and locating sources of greenhouse gas. Equipped with the right information, our customers can take evasive action to improve energy efficiency, decarbonise operations and reduce environmental impact.

We’re out of time. Not options.


There are several areas where TGT can help you to reduce emissions and support your sustainability targets: