Health and Safety Engineer

Role Summary

Essential Responsibilities

  • Organization of work on labor protection, safety, industrial safety and fire safety;
  • Control over compliance with the current legislation, instructions, rules and regulations on labor protection, safety, fire safety in the units of the organization;
  • Study of working conditions in the workplace, measurements of parameters of harmful and dangerous production factors, as well as a special assessment of working conditions;
  • Development of instructions on occupational safety and health, training programs for workers in safe working methods, organization of introductory briefings and study of safety rules, industrial sanitation and fire safety by employees of the enterprise;
  • Ensuring compliance with industrial safety requirements by employees, compliance with the terms of the license for activities in the field of industrial safety, compliance with the requirements of control bodies in the field of industrial safety;
  • Participation in inspections, inspections of technical condition of buildings, structures, equipment, machines and mechanisms for compliance with their requirements of regulatory legal acts on labor protection, the state of sanitary devices, sanitary facilities, collective and individual protection of workers.