Let your tubes talk

Pioneering electromagnetics delivering highly-accurate tube integrity answers.

The miles of metal tubes that form the backbone of your well system are fundamental to its integrity. Tracking the condition and wall thickness of all tubes is essential to maintain a secure well.

The ‘electromagnetic signature’ of each tube contains information about the wall thickness, but extracting this accurately pushes the boundaries of electromagnetics, 3D modeling and wellbore measurements to the furthest limits.

That’s exactly what we’ve done with Pulse.

Pulse powers our ‘True Integrity Tube’ products to accurately assess up to four concentric tubes from inside the wellbore. And unlike conventional systems, it works in all completion types, including dual string and corrosion resistant alloys.

Pulse Platform


10-years of pioneering scientific research, ingenuity and direct field experience in applying electromagnetic diagnostics to thousands of well systems globally.

Five international patents for electromagnetic technology and methods.

Extensive ‘multi-barrier’ research, testing and calibration facilities enable continuous advancement of electromagnetic diagnostics.

Experts in high-performance, fast-switching electronic circuit design and 3D numerical modeling.

Designed and built entirely in-house at our technology centre.

Tested and proven in thousands of well systems for more than 70 international operators.

Programmes & Methods

Pulse is deployed using industry standard diagnostic programmes.

Tools & Measurements

Ultra-fast sensor technology with rapid relaxation work with patented ‘time-domain’ measurements to deliver supreme accuracy in all completion materials, including specialised alloys with high chrome content.

Multi-sensor tool design and proprietary, ultra-fast coils optimise energy transfer with each tube to deliver industry-leading accuracy in multi tube completions.

Sensors designed and built in-house, incorporating tuned geometry and ‘fast cores’.

Processing & Modeling

Powerful 3D Maxwell modeling transforms raw data into accurate wall thickness measurements in all well geometries, including dual string completions, so you know your well’s condition from top to bottom.

Analysis & Interpretation

Analysts leverage their deep experience in performing tube integrity analysis in thousands of wells globally.

Maxim provides analysts with a host of Pulse Apps and versatile visual displays to facilitate detailed analysis and confident interpretation.