Listen to your reservoir.
And your well

The industry’s most evolved acoustic sensing and analysis platform, precisely reveals flow throughout the well system.

Fluid flow in the well system creates a rich spectrum of acoustic energy that penetrates the surroundings. This acoustic spectrum is encoded with information about the type of flow, and its location.

But well systems aren’t ‘recording studios’. Sound frequency and intensity vary from barely imperceptible to deafeningly loud. Noisy interference can drown out important signals. And even if the spectrum is captured faithfully, the link between flow and acoustics is so complex that translating it into reliable flow information is often beyond the reach of ordinary systems.

Chorus is no ordinary system.

It delivers incredible resolution and fidelity across the widest spectrum of useful acoustic energy. We use it in our True Flow and True Integrity products to locate flow precisely throughout the entire well system.

Chorus platform


10-years of pioneering scientific research, ingenuity and direct field experience in applying spectral diagnostics to thousands of well systems globally.

Four international patents for spectral acoustics and more than 60 recognised industry publications.

Extensive acoustic research, testing and calibration facilities, anechoic chamber, flow loops, core analysis and test wells, enable continuous advancement of acoustic diagnostics.

Experts in high-performance, low-noise electronic circuit design.

Designed and built entirely in-house at our technology centre.

Tested and proven in thousands of well systems for more than 70 international operators.

Programmes & Methods

Analysts customise diagnostic programmes, activating well system behavior to expose targeted fluid dynamics.

Tools & Measurements

Patented broad-spectrum sensing technology with ultra-wide Actual Dynamic Range [ADR] and high-resolution multi-channel time-domain sampling ensures that every detail of the acoustic signature is captured with great accuracy and purity.

Unique sensor design expands sensitivity and dynamic range.

Low noise electronic components and circuit design minimise interference, boosting sensitivity and dynamic range further.

Processing & Modeling

Extensive digital filtering and time-domain signal processing virtually eliminates unwanted noise, leaving a clean and sharp, high-resolution spectral image.

Artificial Intelligence [AI] is used for some products to detect specific spectral signatures.

Analysis & Interpretation

Analysts use their expertise and experience to decode spectral signatures into meaningful flow information.

Maxim provides analysts with a host of Chorus Apps and versatile visual displays to facilitate detailed analysis and confident interpretation.