True Flow Products
Total Flow

Make sure the right fluids are flowing to the right places and quantify that flow

Well systems need to connect the right fluids to the right places. But that doesn’t always happen. You need to look not only inside the wellbore but beyond it to see the true flow picture.


Total Flow does exactly that. It locates and quantifies wellbore flow and – critically – reservoir flow to reveal the dynamic interplay between both.


Delivered by our True Flow diagnostic system using the Chorus (acoustic) platform and the Cascade (thermal) platform; Total Flow extracts accurate data, providing the analytical insight you need to more effectively manage well system performance.


Commonly used to diagnose unexpected or undesirable well system behaviour, Total Flow can also be used proactively to ensure your well system is working properly.


Provides critical diagnostic insights to locate and quantity flow throughout the well system



  • Quantifying well system flow profiles
  • Unexpected changes in well system performance (injection and production)
  • Unexpected gas breakthrough
  • Suspected wellbore or behind-casing cross-flow
  • Low rate producer or unconventional well
  • Recalibrating reservoir model
  • Reservoir flow assessment and characterisation


  • Understand the true sources of production and accurately quantify flow profiles
  • Know where injection fluids are going and accurately quantify flow profiles
  • Know source of gas breakthrough or unwanted production due to cross-flow and thief zones
  • Improve effectiveness of remedial effort
  • More informed and precisely targeted well and reservoir management decisions
  • Improve well system performance and extend asset’s productive life
  • Identify field development opportunities