See what’s flowing through the perforations, however small

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Evaluating wellbore fluids and flow is the conventional means of understanding well performance. But sometimes the flow can be too small to measure.

Wellbore Flow provides wellbore flow profiles and fluid analysis in a wide variety of flow regimes, including low flow rates.


Delivered by our True Flow system with Indigo and Chorus technology, Wellbore Flow provides the answers needed to manage well performance more effectively.


Wellbore Flow is commonly used to diagnose unexpected or undesirable wellbore flow, but it can also be used for routine production monitoring. Our Total Flow product should be used for a more complete diagnosis.

Wellbore Flow provides the wellbore flow profiles and fluid analysis needed to manage well performance more effectively.

Challenges & applications

  1. Quantify flow profiles in the wellbore
  2. Poor production or injectivity performance
  3. Unexpected change in well system performance
  4. Unexpected water or gas breakthrough
  5. Suspected cross-flow in wellbore
  6. Assess completion performance
  7. Routine production & injection profiling
  8. Measuring low wellbore flow rates

Insights & benefits

  1. Understand wellbore fluid dynamics and production profiles, even for low rates
  2. Understand performance of perforations, sliding sleeve door (SSD), inflow control device (ICD) and other completion components Better well and reservoir management decisions, precisely targeted
  3. Improve well system performance