See the hidden flow picture where it matters most, beyond the wellbore

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Reservoirs are the ultimate source and destination of flow for producers and injectors. The wellbore is just a passing place. Ensuring productivity means looking beyond the wellbore, into the reservoir itself.

Reservoir Flow complements conventional wellbore flow diagnostics by evaluating flow profiles behind casing at the well-to-reservoir interface.


Delivered by our True Flow system with Chorus and Cascade technology, Reservoir Flow provides the information needed to manage well system performance more effectively.


Reservoir Flow is commonly used to diagnose unexpected or undesirable well system behavior, but it can also be used proactively to ensure the well system is working optimally. Our Total Flow product should be used for a more complete diagnosis.

Reservoir Flow provides the flow profiles needed to manage well system performance more effectively.

Challenges & applications

  1. Evaluate flow profiles at the reservoir
  2. Poor production or injectivity performance
  3. Unexpected change in well system performance
  4. Unexpected water or gas breakthrough
  5. PLT not matching expectations
  6. Suspected cross-flow behind-casing
  7. Recalibrating reservoir model
  8. Reservoir flow assessment and characterisation

Insights & benefits

  1. Understand the true sources of production and assess flow profiles qualitatively
  2. Know where injection fluids are going and assess flow profiles
  3. Identify cross-flow and thief zones
  4. Locate source of water or unwanted gas
  5. Better well and reservoir management decisions, precisely targeted
  6. Improve well system performance and extend productive life of asset
  7. Identify field development opportunities
  8. Understand natural fractures