Test packer seals easily and rapidly, and maintain productivity

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Completion packers are an essential part of the integrity envelope, but their sealing performance can degrade over time. Rapid diagnosis is essential to restore safe and productive operations.

Packer Seal evaluates the seal performance of packers, locating leaks quickly and with precision.


Delivered by our True Integrity system with Chorus technology, Packer Seal provides a clear and convenient diagnosis of packer integrity so the right corrective action can be taken.


Packer Seal is used in a targeted fashion to diagnose suspected packer leaks, and proactively to ensure correct operation. With proper diagnosis, the well can be restored to normal operations.

Packer Seal Integrity provides a clear and convenient diagnosis of packer integrity so you can take the right action.

Challenges & applications

  1. Evaluate seal integrity of completion packers
  2. Sustained pressure in A-annulus [SAP]
  3. Abnormal production or injection performance
  4. Annular fluid loss
  5. Leaking packers
  6. Validate sealing performance of packers
  7. Investigate long and short string communication in dual completions
  8. Workover or P&A planning
  9. Post-workover or P&A validation

Insights & benefits

  1. Comprehensive diagnosis of packer leaks throughout the well system
  2. Locate true source of SAP in A-annulus
  3. Mitigate integrity risk and ensure regulatory compliance
  4. Rapid deployment through-tubing minimises disruption and cost
  5. Locate packer leaks rapidly, accurately and completely
  6. Better remediation decisions, precisely targeted
  7. Optimise workover or P&A programmes
  8. Validate post-workover success