Know where your losses are so you can stop them quickly, and stay ahead of the curve

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Drilling fluid losses pose a significant risk to operational safety and can stop drilling in its tracks, leading to costly delays. Pinpointing the losses rapidly and accurately is critical to continuing with safe and efficient drilling operations.

Drilling Losses pinpoints lost circulation zones rapidly and accurately, without pulling the drill string.


Delivered by our True Integrity system with Chorus technology, Drilling Losses provides the precise information needed to target the right remediation approach.


Drilling Losses is used in a targeted fashion to quickly locate the lost circulation zone or zones, so normal drilling operations can resume without further delay.

Drilling Losses lets you target the right remediation, and minimise downtime.

Challenges & applications

  1. Drilling fluid losses
  2. Lost circulation while drilling

Insights & benefits

  1. Locate lost circulation zones rapidly to reduce downtime and cost
  2. Mitigate drilling risk
  3. Rapid deployment through-drill pipe minimises disruption and cost
  4. Better remediation decisions, precisely targeted
  5. Optimise future drilling programmes to avoid lost circulation and downtime