Make sure your tube connections are solid, and pinpoint where they're not

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Casing connections are especially prone to corrosion because fluid entry and galvanic forces between the threads can accelerate decay. Regular monitoring is important to maintain integrity.

Collars Tube provides accurate collar-by-collar assessment of casing connections from a single through-tubing deployment.


Powered by our True Integrity system and Pulse technology, Collars Tube delivers clear visibility of collar connection status through multiple barriers.


Collars Tube is used routinely to support your ongoing integrity management programme, or in a targeted fashion to investigate a specific integrity breach. Our ability to assess up to four concentric tubulars simultaneously means that most of the collars can be evaluated in a single deployment, without pulling the tubing.

Collars Tube Integrity delivers clear visibility of collar integrity, from a single through-tubing deployment.

Challenges & applications

  1. Evaluate tube integrity of casing collars
  2. Managing integrity of casing collars
  3. Routine or targeted surveillance of casing collars
  4. Time-lapse barrier condition monitoring
  5. Locate potential source of sustained annulus pressure
  6. Pre-workover, pre-handover, or pre-abandonment assessment

Insights & benefits

  1. Proactive integrity management mitigates risk and maintains safe and productive operations
  2. Track and validate collar condition over time
  3. Spot collar weakness before it fails
  4. Through-tubing deployment minimises disruption and cost
  5. Better remediation decisions, precisely targeted
  6. Maintain regulatory compliance
  7. Maintain well system integrity