Check your cement is sealing and keep the flow where it belongs, inside the wellbore

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Annular flow and sustained annulus pressure due to poor cement is a prevailing industry concern. But cement evaluation techniques only look at cement condition, not its sealing performance

Cement Seal Integrity evaluates the seal performance of cemented annuli and reveals the presence of annular flow throughout the well system.


Delivered by our True Integrity system with Chorus technology, Cement Seal provides the insights needed to restore and ensure annulus integrity.


Cement Seal is used routinely as a proactive measure to validate annulus integrity during well construction, or in a targeted fashion to investigate a suspected integrity breach. This proactive approach complements traditional cement evaluation techniques to deliver a more secure well and avoid costly future problems.

Cement Seal Integrity lets you restore and ensure annulus integrity.

Challenges & applications

  1. Evaluate seal integrity of cemented annuli
  2. Sustained pressure in one or more cemented annuli [SAP]
  3. Abnormal production or injection performance
  4. Evaluating cement sealing performance
  5. Channelling or micro-annulus detection
  6. Workover or P&A planning
  7. Post-workover or P&A validation

Insights & benefits

  1. Comprehensive diagnosis of leaks and channelling in cemented annuli
  2. Validation of cement seal performance
  3. Locate micro-channelling
  4. Mitigate integrity risk and ensure regulatory compliance
  5. Rapid deployment through-tubing minimises disruption and cost
  6. Locate annular leaks and flowpaths behind casing rapidly and accurately
  7. Better remediation decisions, precisely targeted
  8. Optimise workover or P&A programmes
  9. Validate post-workover or P&A success