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Events | 01 Sep 2020
#TechTalk series 2!

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#TechTalk Series 2

Due to an overwhelming response to our first series of #TechTalks they are back for another series.


Series 2 will reveal a range of powerful well system diagnostics that will help you to maintain safe, clean and productive well operations.


These are 40-minute sessions plus Q&A. Each session is run twice, at a time which works for the Americas market and the European/Asian/GCC market.


All sessions are free to attend.

#TechTalk No. 6 – Get the most from your fracturing resources

with "Fracture Flow"


29 September, 2020 at 9.30am BST

Americas timing - will be announced soon!


Effective hydraulic fracturing requires careful planning and a huge fleet of pumps, equipment and people. Knowing how these costly resources can deliver maximum impact is literally the million-dollar question.


In this #TechTalk, Remke Ellis reveals how our new ‘Fracture Flow’ product can be used pre- or post-fracturing to evaluate actual reservoir flow profiles, so fracturing can be targeted, assessed and optimised to deliver maximum efficiency—without the million-dollar price tag.

#TechTalk No. 4 – Pulse1 diagnostics

Enabling "no compromise" integrity management for primary tubulars


Pulse1 is the newest addition to our Pulse electromagnetic platform. It is the industry’s first slimhole tube integrity technology capable of delivering ‘true wall thickness’ measurements of production tubing in eight sectors, with complete ‘all-around’ sensing of tube wall condition.


Multifinger calipers and conventional electromagnetics are a popular choice to assess the integrity of production tubulars. They are tried and tested, but each technique has its drawbacks.


In this #TechTalk, Ken Feather uncovers how a new diagnostic resource delivers five times the accuracy of conventional techniques, enabling operators to assess the condition of production tubulars more accurately than previously possible, helping the industry to ensure safe, clean and productive well operations.


TechTalk No. 4 – Pulse1 diagnostics

#TechTalk No. 5 – Multi Tube Integrity

Diagnosing the integrity of multiple tubulars, accurately and efficiently


22 September, 2020 at 9.30am BST

Americas timing - will be announced soon!


The miles of metal tubulars that form the backbone of every well system and are fundamental to its integrity. Tracking the condition and wall thickness of these tubulars is essential to maintaining a secure well.


In this #TechTalk, Asiya Zaripova and Natalya Kudryavaya reveals how TGT’s Multi Tube Integrity product provides an accurate barrier-by-barrier assessment of up to four concentric tubulars from a single through-tubing deployment.


Multi Tube Integrity #TechTalk

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us. Or, if you have a suggestion for a #TechTalk you would like us present, please email: communications@tgtdiagnostics.com.