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News | 07 Jan 2021
Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Showcase

Exert from Harts E&P's showcase on the latest hydraulic fracturing technologies and how they aim to address operator challenges.

Diagnostics locate flow before or after fracturing

TGT’s Fracture Flow evaluates the effectiveness of a fracturing program. It uses the Chorus acoustic platform to record and analyze the acoustic wave propagation in the wellbore and rocks, plus well design information, to determine the location of the acoustic source energy produced by fluid flow in the fractures. When used during pre- and post-fracturing, it can analyze the reservoir flow profiles, qualify flow to or from the fracture network, reveal fracture density and identify unwanted fracture components that impact product. The technique can identify the location and determine the distance of the acoustic signal from the receiver. Combined, these insights offer operators the diagnostics they need to improve their fracturing program, so it can be targeted and optimized to deliver maximum time and cost efficiencies.

The logplot shows a horizontal tight sand gas condensate producer, completed with a non-cemented multistage ball-activated application. Stage separation was achieved by a dual hydraulic-activated packer. The results identified the presence of 22 active fractures, 17 were offset from flow ports and five could be aligned with the flow ports producing a unique signature covering a wide frequency range. The fracture distribution varied between stages with an average of three active fractures per stage.
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    Phillippa Eastgate
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