Enabling cleaner energy – Old launch

To reduce carbon emissions, society needs to switch from fossil fuel energy to alternatives. However, non-fossil sources only satisfy 17% of the world’s energy demands. As a transition fuel, gas offers a cleaner alternative to coal, provided it doesn’t leak from infrastructure.

Gas storage

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, society needs to switch from fossil fuel energy to alternative forms. In 2020, only 17% of the world’s energy came from non-fossil sources, 31% came from oil, 25% from gas, and 27% from coal. At 56% of the energy mix, oil and gas are still essential. Whilst oil and coal use are in decline, gas use is trending up.


Gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, but with the increase in use comes the risk of methane leaks in production and storage wells. Since methane is 80x more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2, the integrity of producing and storage wells is essential in enabling cleaner energy solutions. Used proactively, TGT’s True Integrity diagnostics can be used routinely to validate seals in gas producing and storage wells, and assure methane containment.



Key fact: Burning 1kg methane produces twice the energy and half the CO2 than 1kg coal