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  • Hardware specifications
    Chorus Hardware Specifications
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    Chorus Platform Marketing Brochure
  • Chorus

    Acoustic sensing and analysis platform, revealing flow throughout the well system Fluid flow in the well system creates a rich spectrum of acoustic energy that penetrates the surroundings. Thi...

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    TGT wins Russian Federation National Award for Science and Technology

    Order of Honour presented for outstanding achievement in Spectral Noise Logging Technology and for maintaining Russian-base manufacturing March 14: Grand Kremlin Palace, Mo...

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    Case studies
    Case Study Reservoir Flow (Producer)

    Challenges Waterflooding involves injecting water into a reservoir, usually to increase pressure and thus stimulate production. However, when this action is being performed...

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    Unconventional diagnostics for unconventional wells

    New fracture flow diagnostics help operators elevate fracture performance (in the Permian) In recent years, the Permian basin is been the most prolific shale play in the US...

  • True Integrity

    Ensure your well system is performing with True Integrity Good flow relie...

  • True Flow Products
    Wellbore Flow

    Locates and quantifies flow in the wellbore Evaluating wellbore fluids and flow is the conventional means of understanding well performance.   Wellbore Flow provides wellbore flow profile...

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    Case studies
    Case Study Reservoir Flow (Injector)

    Challenges Waterflooding contributes approx. 45% of the total production in the Sirikit field and will continue to play a key role in the future. Improvements in waterflood...

  • True Integrity Seal Products
    Drilling Losses

    Locates drilling fluid losses Drilling fluid losses pose a significant risk to operational safety and can stop drilling in its tracks, leading to costly delays. Pinpointing the losses rapidly ...