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    #TechTalk Series 3

    Our #TechTalk series is designed to address industry challenges and tackle why we need to accept incomplete diagnostic information before we take action on our wells.   The #TechTalks cover a diverse range of topics that reveal TGT's wide range of powerful well system diagnostics that would help you to maintain safe, clean and productive well operations.   So far we've run three amazingly successful TechTalks. They will be back, so if you have a topic that you would like covered, contact us at askus@tgtdiagnostics.com Stay tuned! #TechTalk No. 7 Diagnosing conventional/alternative well barriers to enable rigless abandonment    The P&A purpose is clear; for the plugged well to maintain its abandonment integrity until the natural pressures within the borehole and formation return. Two techniques are rising in popularity. One is rig less abandonment and the other is replacing the use of cement as a permanent barrier to an alternative such as Bismuth or shale.   In this #TechTalk, we discussed furthering the use of through-barrier diagnostics until the final stage of P&A—when only the tubing/casing remains. Our new patented approach can be used in the pre-abandonment phase and evaluates the isolation of cement/alternative materials behind the first and second casing. This prior knowledge enables the pre-selection of candidates for rigless abandonment, thus leading to a reduction in cost, resource and carbon emissions.   Presented by: Maxim Volkov, Principal Domain Champion, TGT #TechTalk No. 7 - Diagnosing conventional/alternative well barriers to enable rigless abandonmentDOWNLOAD PRESENTATION #TechTalk No. 8 Diagnosing flow challenges in horizontal wells with smart completions   Horizontal wells are notoriously challenging to diagnose correctly. Complex flow geometry and equally complex completions can task even the most sophisticated wellbore diagnostic techniques.   In this #TechTalk we revealed how our ‘True Flow’ system senses beyond the confines of the wellbore to reveal a more complete understanding of flow dynamics in horizontal wells, even in the most complex scenarios.   Presented by: Vener Nagimov, Principal Domain Champion and Artur Giniyatullin, Snr Well Log Analyst Diagnosing Flow in Horizontal Wells with Smart CompletionsDOWNLOAD PRESENTATION #TechTalk No. 9 Diagnosing flow and integrity challenges in dual completions   Managing the performance of dual completion wells is challenging. Limited access to the short-string reservoir and complex geometry conspire to hide flow and integrity issues from traditional diagnostic techniques, undermining the success of well management decisions.   In today’s climate, ambiguity is no longer an option. In this #TechTalk we discover how TGT’s ‘Dual String Flow’ and ‘Dual String Integrity’ products enable a more complete understanding of flow and integrity dynamics in dual completions, improve decision making, and help keep wells safe, clean and productive.   Presented by: Vasily Skutin, Principal Domain Champion, TGT Diagnosing flow and integrity in dual string completionsDOWNLOAD PRESENTATION If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us. Or, if you have a suggestion for a #TechTalk you would like us present, please email: communications@tgtdiagnostics.com.